What Is Green Energy?

Today, everyone is aware of the concerns about climate change and our carbon footprint on Earth. The word footprint describes the impact that something has. Carbon is used to represent the many greenhouse gases believed to contribute to global warming. The term, therefore, basically describes an estimate of the total impact that we have, from a single activity right through to a country. We all have a role to play and should be able to answer the question “what is green energy?”.

Types Of Green Energy

So, what is green energy? This type of energy is sustainable and renewable and comes from naturally available sources. Using sunshine, water or wind means that the energy is produced with hardly any pollution. Much more environmentally-friendly, it does not impact on climate change like other energy sources, particularly fossil fuels.

Unlike oil and coal, green energy resources are infinite and constantly renewable, replenishing naturally without damaging our environment. They do not dispense greenhouse gases, and they are easily harvested locally. Although it can be expensive initially, as demand grows, then the price will continue to drop due to the economies of scale.

Ways To Power Your Home

Over time, installing renewable energy for electricity in your home will reduce your utility bills dramatically. This is usually the most common method of reducing your carbon footprint, and there are even incentives to add to the benefits. Solar panels can be utilised on your roof, or in your garden, and many companies combine this with purchasing extra power from the electricity grid. Solar power does not only generate electricity, but it can also be used to heat your home.

You may think that wind turbines belong to wind farms, but if you have enough space, you can actually install a small one to power your home. If you have a source of flowing water, you can divert it through a turbine to produce power. Heat from the sun can even be used to keep your home cool with solar air conditioning! If this all sounds too much, you can begin by using renewable energy for a solar oven.

What is green energy? Find out the facts

Protect Future Generations

Now that you know the answer to “what is green energy?”, it is important to take action. The environmental benefits are overwhelming, and they will increase as the use of green energy continues to grow. If you are thinking about switching, then there are many companies to help with renewable energy technology. You can usually get Government help,, and even receive money for energy that you generate for the grid. Most importantly, you are helping to protect the planet for future generations.